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A beautiful clock for your iPhone, iPod touch, iPad and AppleTV, reminiscent of the world clocks showing the bell curve between day and night. Day-n-Night goes beyond the basic display of the terminator and displays a combination of day and night images, including the combination of daylight and nighttime images during twilight and dawn along the terminator. You can also zoom in to the map to get a better view.

In addition, a dynamic clock with your local date and time are displayed below the map.

Now, you can also change the size of the clock, disable the clock animation, disable the display of the seconds, and keep the screen visible while Day-n-Night is running.

Version 7.0

  • Update for iOS 11
  • Added new machine-assisted translations
  • Performance improvements
  • Resolved issues

Version 6.1

  • Resolved crash with date formats containing quoted strings
  • Resolved crash with some scaled values for devices
  • Re-designed drawing to be 10 times faster